At Padlock Ranch, we employ some of the best managers, cowboys, and farm technicians in the world! We believe strongly that success comes from having excellent people. A few of our dedicated and excellent people are shown below. Check back later to see more of our team!

  • Padlock Ranch mechanic Cory Ballantine

Cory Ballantine

Cory Ballantine is our mechanic, and is one of the people who literally keeps this ranch running. He works in our shop to keep our equipment, big and small, running.

Why did you choose to work in agriculture? 
I was raised in it. I grew up in agriculture, with cattle, hogs, and farming, and decided that I liked it.
What about Padlock made you want to work here?
Padlock has a good reputation, and it’s big. Things are bigger and supposed to be better.
What motivates you?
I really like working with my hands. I’m goal oriented and enjoy seeing projects completed. I like seeing things get repaired and working again.
What is your favorite part of your job?
The variety. It’s not the same thing every day, it’s something new with new challenges.
What is your favorite hobby?

Jim Frazier

Jim Frazier is Padlock Ranch’s Feedlot Manager. He enjoys the intricacies of managing people and learning how different personalities work together. Jim is a self motivated person and uses this trait to lead people by example.

Jess Cline

Jess Cline has worked for Padlock for 2 years. He started out as a cowboy and is now the Unit Manager at the Dawes Camp.  He’s spent his life around agriculture and pursued a career in it because it’s what he truly enjoys doing. He is motivated by seeing the product of the hard work put in.

Kevin Gorzalka

Kevin is Padlock Ranch’s new Farm Manager. He has been a valuable part of our team for the last 23 years. Growing up in agriculture has given him a passion for it, and he loves to see the crops and calves come in at the end of the year. He keeps himself motivated by always working to become better and more efficient.

  • Stacy Madson - Padlock Ranch

Stacy Madson

Stacy Madson has been an important member of the Padlock team for 23 years. Agriculture has been a lifelong passion for him, and he loves the people that he works with and the country that the ranch lies on.

  • Ryan Teppart - Padlock Ranch

Ryan Teppart

Ryan Teppart has worked on the Padlock for 2 years. He sums up the reason that he got into agriculture in one word, “passion.” He enjoys the opportunity that he has had to experience different things on the Padlock.

  • Leonell Martinez - Padlock Ranch

Leonell Martinez

Leonell Martinez has been a dedicated asset to our team for many years. His true passion lies in taking care of his family, but he enjoys farming activities such as running the baler and packing the silage pit.

  • Tony Line - Padlock Ranch

Tony Line

Tony Line has spent 26 years at Padlock’s Forks unit. His interest in being a cowboy started young, and he enjoys the time he spends on the ranch. Even after fighting large wildfires and taking care of cattle through difficult winters, he explains “I love the country. This is home.”

Lee Hagel

Lee Hagel has spent the last 21 years working at the Padlock feedlot. He has spent his life around agriculture and he can’t imagine doing anything different. He enjoys horsemanship and cattle handling.


We would not be the same without all of the wonderful people who make up the Padlock team. Thank you all for your dedication and years of service!