Padlock Ranch began a crossbreeding program in the late 1950s by crossing Angus bulls to Hereford cows. The focus in the 1970s and later was producing British crossbred females with high-level maternal characteristics. In the late 1970s, the ranch developed a Red Angus, Polled Hereford and Shorthorn three-way rotational crossbreeding system. The product was a solid red cow bred to fit the environment.


Since the early 2000s, Padlock has been using crossbred and composite bulls, both solid black and red with the majority being black bulls. Stabilizer Composites and Simm-Angus bulls make up the majority of the bull battery. Using crossbred and composite bulls allows us to maintain high levels of heterosis in the cow herd while giving more flexibility to focus on grazing management rather than breeding groups in our annual production plan. The calf crop is currently 80% black and 20% red, primarily solid color with some brockle faced cattle. Bulls are selected for maternal characteristics, such as moderate size, milk, and birth weight, along with feeder cattle characteristics such as growth, carcass yield, and marbling. We currently raise about ½ of our bull battery and purchase the balance from reputable suppliers that produce bulls to meet our selection goals.


Padlock Ranch has been partnering with Snake River Farms and terminally breeding first-calf heifers and a subset of cows to Wagyu bulls. This is a Japanese breed that is known for its well-marbled, delicious meat. These cattle are also a little smaller than most composite cattle. This allows the heifers to calve out on the range without assistance. Not only is this easier on Padlock’s labor force, but it is also easier on the cattle, and it gives them a much less stressful calving experience and an enhanced value feeder calf the following spring.


Padlock specializes in providing high-quality feeder cattle. We have great partners that we feed for every year, including Agri-Beef’s Snake River Farms for our Wagyu cattle and Meyer Natural Foods. In addition, we are able to put together large strings of healthy and uniform composite (non-wagyu) English cattle to market as yearlings. We typically market steers at 800-850 lbs and heifers 750-800 lbs, but are willing to work with any customer to meet the product specs that they desire. These yearlings that have been developed in a large grow yard are healthy and ready to gain. Cattle that we have fed as all-natural in recent years have graded over 98% Choice and Prime, so the carcass merit in the crossbreeding program is strong. We offer conventional, NHTC, and All-Natural cattle for sale each year. We are willing to forward contract for spring delivery months.


Each year we offer cows for sale. Dry cows that did not raise a calf during the summer are sold in late July or early August. We sell feeder and/or utility cows in the late winter or early spring as well. Each winter/spring we have an offering of late summer (July and August) calving cows and fall calving cows (September and October). These summer- and fall-calving cows will make good replacements for your herd or offer unique investment opportunities for producers who have some additional grass. We also market short-term cows that are sorted for condition, udder quality, and soundness.


Padlock is proud to support Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) to ensure that management and animal handling practices provide high quality, safe, and responsibly raised beef. Padlock received the national BQA Award in 2012. We are a source for BQA certified cattle!


If you are interested in more information about Padlock Ranch feeder cattle or cows, please let us know. You can contact Trey Patterson at 307-655-2264 or at

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