The Padlock Ranch – Gross/Redman Unit Manager position requires oversight of two camp positions, cattle, rangeland, and facilities on our ranch unit near Wyola, MT on the Crow Indian Reservation. This individual will also oversee dayworkers and off-unit cowboys as required. This is a working manager position with the individual involved heavily in cattle management, grazing management, animal health, timely pasture movements, and inventory management.  It will be important to organize, help, and direct employees to achieve excellence in animal health care, nutrition, and husbandry.  The individual will need to work as a team player and coordinate labor and equipment needs with others on the management team.  The ability to plan, make schedules, and communicate responsibilities to the staff will be important.  The individual will answer to the Padlock Ranch Livestock Manager.


This position is location on the Crow Indian Reservation, and due to location, this position may not be suitable for families with school age children. Housing is provided in an older, well-kept home that contains three bedrooms and one bath. No pets will be allowed in the house. Dogs are allowed if they are well mannered, but we do not allow dogs in company vehicles.


Compensation depends on experience, but it will include salary, insurance for employee and their family after 90 days of full-time employment, a 401k match after one year of full-time employment, a ranch vehicle for ranch use, and the ability to keep a limited number of personal horses.


Position Requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 years of livestock experience and demonstrated competence in animal health, grazing management, and cow nutritional management.
  • Experience in supervision and coordination of staff and operational activities.
  • Experience in and willingness to use minimal stress animal handling techniques and exhibit good horsemanship skills.
  • Ability to shoe own string of horses


Position Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and participate in day-to-day activities on the Unit, including – moving cattle; riding for health; putting out mineral; maintaining fences, corrals, and water improvements; (significant time horseback).
  • Implementation of a planned, time-controlled grazing system
  • Work with management team in developing schedules (grazing plans, branding, weaning, etc.), labor and equipment needs.
  • Set labor schedules appropriately to efficiently get the work done and allow people needed time off.
  • Work with management on costing/ budgeting for major repairs and improvements.
  • Keep an accurate weekly inventory of cattle / pasture movements.
  • Manage horse cavvy, and work with the Livestock Manager on horse needs/purchases
  • Hiring, training, directing, and evaluating employees.
  • Positive attitude, good communication and leadership. You will need to get results through people.
  • Responsible for cost management, herd pregnancy, weaning rates, range condition, and general cow condition

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